nicholas reid - President

Nicholas Reid is from Peoria, Illinois and is majoring in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus in Business. Graduating in the year of 2021, Nic is also involved in Dance Marathon, tutoring with IDEAL, and works as a Programming Manager in Peoria, Illinois. In his pastime, Nic likes to fish, hunt, play any competitive sport, workout, and play video games.

Colton miller - Treasur

Colton Miller is from Ankeny, Iowa and is currently majoring in Bioinformatics with a minor in Computer Science and is graduating with the Class of 2020. Besides being Iowa Delta's president, Colton is also a Resident Assistant, a Hall Government Co-Advisor, a member of Theta Tau, and an Orientation Guide Leader. Outside of his academics, Colton loves to bike, run, and golf.


isaac kracht - vp of intellectual

Isaac Kracht from Grinnell, Iowa is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with the class of 2021. Isaac is also involved in intramural sports on campus. Isaac enjoys soccer, movies, and extremely loves to travel and explore.



Ryan Whalen - vp of Social

Ryan Whalen is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and is majoring in Civil Engineering with the class of 2020. Besides school, Ryan works at the C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory and is a part of the American Society of Civil Engineers. For fun, Ryan likes to play and watch football.




hunter brown - VP of Leadership

Hunter Brown is from O'Fallon, Illinois and his majoring in biology on the Genetics and Biotechnology track with the class of 2021. He is involved in undergraduate research and is a member of UI personal genome learning center, and honor society. During his free time, Hunter enjoys working out, reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends.